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Be deeply moved by this story of a mother's battle with cancer and a daughter's journey through grief.


Feel comforted on your personal journey through illness or grief.

Discover the hidden lessons in the darkness.


Turn your inner power on.


Learn how to live life with purpose and meaning.

From a child’s first breath to a mother’s last.

A mother’s last breath can inevitably change us. Reflections of Sandra shows how closing that circle can be a celebration of an unbreakable bond. Through her death, Sandra taught Michelle how to truly live life with purpose and meaning.

Reflections of Sandra strives to remind you that accepting the death of a loved one doesn't mean rejecting them from your life.


This book will touch, comfort, uplift, inspire, and console anyone looking for hope.

Reflections of Sandra showcases the spirit of a mother’s daughter and her determination to find the beauty, purpose, and gift in life again.

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