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Michelle Heynen is an inspirational writer, healer, and author.


After her mother’s death, Michelle struggled with depression for three years. During that time, Michelle wrote Reflections of Sandra


In the book, Michelle reflects on the blessings she discovered and the lessons she learnt on her journey. 


Michelle hopes her book will be a beacon of light and hope for others experiencing depression or grief. She aims to inspire readers to find beauty in almost anything; learn to see the positives; and appreciate what they have.


Michelle is an inspirational public speaker who coaches people to use their pain or grief to find their purpose and light in the world; to be a guide along the way; and to discover the hidden blessings and lessons in each challenge they face.

By encouraging communication about grief and depression, Michelle hopes the social stigmas surrounding these subjects can be overcome.

Michelle is available to present for groups or organisations, large or small. For booking information, please enquire.

"My passion is to normalise grieving in our current 'get over it' and 'move on' society. I am empowered to teach people how to be loving listeners; to be gentle with themselves, as well as others; and to be more mindful.


I want to encourage people to be a beacon of light and hope for those times in life when they are at their darkest; a place I have been, where it seemed hopeless."

- Michelle Heynen


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